For more than 60 years, ALC Bearings has developed a range of plain bearings with standard diameters. The bearings possess a bush mounted on a ball and are well-adapted to support gear drives of rotating mills and kilns used in extractive industries. They are also suitable for rotating machines used in chemical and sugar process industries.


  • The major benefit of a ball bearing with white metal coating is the load restoration capacity for low rotation speeds.

  • With an adequate lubrication of the bearings, a very low friction coefficient is reached. ALC bearings are designed to function normally in a hydrodynamic regime with a sufficient safety margin to keep an adequate oil film.

  • Operational safety: as a low melting point alloy, the white metal melts in case of major problems. ALC plain bearings will not suddenly break, which would thus avoid more important damages – particularly on the shaft seat – or an unexpected and very expensive machine stop. 

  • The alloy used for ALC bearings is composed of lead. A lead alloy is more fragile than a tin one, but more adapted to low rotation speeds.


On the basis of your technical data, our Engineering Department can help you determine the best solution..



ALC bearings provide valuable benefits
to your installations: 
• Easy and fast assembly & disassembly 
• Excellent tolerance to shaft behaviors 
• Minimal space requirements 
• Unrivaled service life 
• Low maintenance


ALC bearings have diameters ranging 
from 200 to 460 mm


A standard ALC bearing is made of independent spare parts. That way, it is possible to replace one piece with another without replacing the whole set. • Cast iron bearing housing. • Cast iron bearing bush with antifriction lining; mounted on a ball within the bearing housing. • Lubricated oil. • Base frame (optional)



According to your needs, several options are available: 
• Additional water cooling 
• Forced lubrication 
• Temperature gauge 
• Base plate • On-site assembly


ALC bearings have been designed for two main uses: rotating mills and kilns. They support the pinion shaft of the gear drive. For each of these applications, ALC Bearings has suitable paired models. The difference between the kiln and the mill set lays in the load and rotation speed. ALC bearings can be used in other kinds of machines.


ALC bearings have a simple and space-saving design. However, as the internal structure remains unchanged, their external design can be customized according to your needs.