The MESHMAKER lines are part of the industrial manufacturing process for lead grids that will be used for the assembly of automotive starter batteries.


From a lead alloy strip, the MESHMAKER lines offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for lead-acid battery grids production:


 - High manufacturing speeds (up to 40m / min)

 - Reliable technology with low maintenance costs

 - Stable and repeatable manufacturing process

 - Very high level of quality corresponding to the requirements of the biggest car manufacturers

 - 20% reduction of the weight of the grid compared to the molding process

 - Excellent corrosion resistance with the use of laminated lead

 - Continuous and automatic line requiring very little manpower

 - Ecological process without generation of smoke and no use of lubricant

ROCHE M'TECH offers a complete line, including:


 - Vertical or horizontal roller

 - Tape welding equipment avoiding flow ruptures

 - Pre-puncher

 - Ultrasonic tape tension regulator

 - Deployment machine: cutting and shaping of the diamonds

 - Conformator: punching plate lug and thickness calibration

 - Deployed vertical reel

 - Supervisory systems with optional camera control

 - Deployment and conformation tools according to your needs

 - Spare parts and commissioning


We study with you the best solution adapted to your requirements in terms of plate size, diamond dimensions, wire thickness, position and shape of plate lug, etc ...


Our technology, unique in the world, of lubrication-free shaping allows a very good adhesion of the oxide plate while guaranteeing an excellent resistance to corrosion. Our machines produce a very regular grid with nodes perfectly aligned on the cutting line, thus avoiding any risk of short-circuiting by rupture of the insulation pouch.


The highly advanced design of our manufacturing line allows the rapid change system tool to move from automobile plates to truck plates in less than an hour.



All this without noise, without vibration and without lubricant!