Created in the middle of the XVIIIth century, the company development itself at the end of the first World War under the impulsion of Mister Charles ROCHE, who then became mayor of RHEIMS. He installed a factory for presses building, located in the city center. ROCHE was at this time part of RHEIMS' industrial, political and cultural heritage.


In 1932, ROCHE buys the foundry LAPLANCHE (Manufacturing of mechanical kneading machines), in FISMES. 

In 1934, the company decides to move all its foundry activity in FISMES.

                                                                LAPLANCHE presse                                     Charles ROCHE (Mayor of RHEIMS)

From 1940, Mister DEMOUGEOT, Engineer graduated by the ARTS et METIERS national superior school, is appointed director of FISMES' establishment. This is him who will shift the company towards machine tool.


In 1956, Ateliers ROCHE and foundry ROCHE merge (those two companies gave birth to groupe ROCHE). In 1965, Ateliers ROCHE buys HUBERT-JUY-LEGROS (HJL), specializeds in manufacturing of mechanical presses.

                                                            LAPLANCHE workshops

In 1972, the companies Ateliers ROCHE, HJL and the headquarter of the foundry are transferred to the current site : 15, Boulevard Marcelin BERTHELOT, RHEIMS. In 1977, Mister Jacques ROCHE, on the day of his retirement, gave up his shares for “LE GROUPE CIF” based in JOINVILLE, HAUTE-MARNE. Mister Pierre FERRY, CEO of FERRY CAPITAIN (main unity of the group), became CEO of the Ateliers ROCHE.


In 1983, HJL buys ARMECA (a company specialized in hydraulics and air-hydraulic presses manufacturing) and HULOT company (mechanical presses). 


In 1995, Madam PRUNIER succeeds her father, Pierre FERRY and becomes CEO of Ateliers and Foundry ROCHE. In 2006, the Foundry ROCHE stop the moulding and fusion activities  which are redirected towards the others entities of the group.