Above all, we are a qualified and highly motivated team in the service of industry.

On more than 7000m² of workshops and 1200m² of offices, our 120 people work everyday to propose the most adapted technical solutions  and deliver on time diversified and high quality products.

We have developped long term relationships with international customers from most of the industrial sectors.


Ateliers ROCHE are ISO 9001 / 140001 & OSHAS 18001 certified  and  have  NF EN ISO 3834-2 sectorial qualification . 

Every fabrication does submit to a systematic control.
A 3D measurment machine implemented in a cooled and regulated room complets a broad range of other control devices.
At Ateliers ROCHE ensuring quality is a mantra for anyone at any level.
The parts are accompanied with an autocontrol report which is filled at each step of the fabrication.
Workshops are organised in Autonom Production Units with a complete commitment from operators to an optimal productivity. 
Regular and constant people training ensure the highest professionnalism level

A modern ERP for the production management allows a perfect control of our clients' deadlines.